Come see the professionals at Elite Housing to find the size and style of home that will best fit your needs, without paying the high prices of contractor built homes.

Q. Why a Factory-Built Home?
Answer. There are at least six reasons why Marlette & Fleetwood Manufactured Homes are a Better Buy than conventional site built homes:

  1. They are built inside a climate-controlled factory, preventing water damage due to rain & storms, eliminating exposure to mold in the building process, maximizing use of materials by computerized planning.
  2. They are priced less than site built homes because the assembly-line process saves nearly 75% of labor costs, materials are purchased in huge quantities, and shipping of materials to a central location by rail car reduces costs.
  3. Manufacturer’s One-Year Warranty is hassle free for repairs.
  4. Linoleum is laid wall to wall to form a superior water barrier.
  5. On-jig cutting of lumber is more accurate than hand saw cuts.
  6. Factory homes are tighter and more energy efficient.

Q: Is there a difference between manufactured and modular homes?
Answer. Yes. Both are built inside a factory with all the advantages of the assembly-line process. Manufactured homes are built to the federal HUD code which speeds the process of acquiring building permits and shortens the build time. Modular homes are built to the local IRC code and require the local building department approval of plans. Plan approvals and engineering usually take about 7 to 9 weeks, then the build time is similar to manufactured. When going on a basement modular is preferable as there will be no steel frame under the home when completed. All Marlette and Fleetwood home plans can be built either as manufactured or modular.

Q. How do I get the foundation work completed for the home?
Answer. You can arrange it yourself or you can have us arrange it using qualified contractors that regularly do this kind of work.

Q. Can I choose the carpet, countertop and back splash colors for my home?
Answer. Yes, when you order your home you will determine these colors and many others in the process.

Q. My area requires a heavier snow load for the roof. Can you build a home to meet that requirement?
Answer. Yes, we can order a home to have up to 120 lbs. per sq. foot snow load. Our homes come standard with a 30 lbs. roof load unless ordered differently.

Q. What is set-up and delivery and is it included in the base price of the home?
Answer. Set-up includes rolling the home onto the foundation, lagging it together, completing the drywall inside the home and laying the carpet. Delivery is the charge to transport the home from the factory to the location. Delivery is included in the base price of the home within 100 miles of our office in Springville. If the location is farther than 100 miles south of us, then there will be some extra delivery costs.

Q. Can I do some of the work myself?
Answer. Most lenders require that licensed contractors do the work as needed to complete your home. If you are paying cash or have a flexible lender you may do some or all of your home completion and receive a discounted rate.